A Comprehensive Blueprint of Steel Shop Drawings

A Comprehensive Blueprint of Steel Shop Drawings

Steel Shop Drawings are the backbone (pillar and mainstay) of any fabrication industry. They make the fabrication work easier. Steel Shop Drawings are necessary for every construction project be it commercial complexes, bridges, institutes, industrial manufacturing units, buildings, or elevators.

Shop drawings are basically a set of drawings that are required for prefabricated components and they are usually produced by a fabricator, contractor, manufacturer, or supplier.

Shop Drawings contain more details in terms of dimensions, standards, manufacturing, and fabrication compared to construction documents.

These drawings act as the roadmap of the project and are helpful for managers & installers, which will play a huge impact on the profitability of any project.

The Steel Shop Drawings are the most critical process in construction & needed to be handled cautiously by Steel Detailers. A single mistake could vastly impact the structural integrity of the final building or installation of components.

These mistakes can happen at any time during the implementation of the construction process and execution of safeguards during that time will turn out to be expensive, time-consuming, and will create a negative impact on the reputation of the contractor.

Therefore, it is important to address and work on all the issues even the minor and tiny ones which can come up during the construction process and affect the entire project budget and time frame.

Let us walk you through the process of creating of Steel Shop Drawing

1. Architect creates the initial blueprint of the project.

2. Steel Fabricator analyse the blueprint to suggest the required changes.

3. After recommending alterations, the blueprint goes back to the architect for final approval.

4. After the approval, Steel Detailing Professional works on creating diagrams for different components:

  • Handrails
  • Stairs
  • Joists
  • Braces
  • Metal decks
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Trusses

5. Once the diagram is created, it is sent for manufacturing of the components.

6. After this, individual shop drawings are made which get separate complete attention.

7. After this, erection drawings are made to present a detailed dimensioned plan & specify geographic arrangements of every steel component within the building.

Role of Steel Detailer

A Steel Detailer plays a vital role by acting as a mutual point of communication with other involved professionals like architects, steel fabricators, steel erectors, structural engineers, CAD designing experts, checkers, and with the client. Further roles of Steel Detailer are:

  • Ensuring that the drawing parameters are matching the industry standards
  • Sending drawings to the architects and the structural engineers for assessment and then sending the final version to the fabricator
  • Keeping a close eye on the changes & alterations happening during the design creation to ensure that the rectifications are done precisely on time
  • Being in the loop with the fabricator to ensure accuracy, preciseness & comprehensiveness of the steep shop drawings

How to make Steel Shop Drawings

There are 3 ways to make Steel Shop Drawings by using technical & manual software:

1. Manual Drafting

It makes use of traditional methods like pencils, paper, drawing pads, and other tools.

2. CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting)

Designers have adopted this method of Steel Shop Drawings as CAD Software gives 2D images which gives a proper view of the finished product and for designing 2D models of the components which will be used during construction.

3. 3D Models

This is the most advanced technology where designers can get a realistic image of the finished product through 3D models.


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