Importance of Structural Steel Detailing in Steel Construction

To carry out any structural steel construction work where each and every structural steel member is required to be detailed accurately, need of detailed fabrication drawings arise. Structural Steel Detailing is a process of creating such detailed fabrication drawings for main steel and miscellaneous steel of a structure.

The steel detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing is extensively used by key professionals like engineers, architects, contractors, fabricators as well as other people who are associated with civil and construction engineering industries. It is being widely used in the aspect of structural BIM services.

Most commonly, steel detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing is used with construction of steel structures. Steel structure can be described as a group of structural elements consisting of columns, plates, beams, floor, plates, side wall covering members, roof members among others. It has steel units of different sizes and shapes all connected to each other by welding or bolting. The contractor needs detailed plans and set of drawings for each structural element, specifying the exact shape, size, cutting length, diameter and location of the connecting bolt holes. Along with that contractor too required erection drawings for installation of fabricated items.

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With structural BIM services need, steel detailing services are used to perform detailed structural analysis of a building, BIM services, structural shop drawings, structural steel assemblies, detailing structural components, rebar detailing, precast detailing, structural calculation, steel buildings, steel furniture drawings and others related steel design.

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