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7Continents Engineering Solutions is one of the most Cost-Effective Structural CAD & BIM Service Providers in the outsourcing market today. You will get world-class services that are least priced. We have been providing our exceptional services to architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and businesses all throughout the globe. 7CES’ technical team is eagerly waiting to assist you in your ventures.

~ Our mission is to provide the highest quality of work to our clients and never compromise on quality ~

Price Guarantee

Ours is the most pocket-friendly pricing in the market since we deliver high quality for a low price speedily, which is a win-win situation for us and our patrons

Tracking the progress of work

7CES ensures that a close rapport is maintained with the clients where we share information on the day-to-day developments, images/3D DWG models wherein the progress can be reviewed by them.

Quotation Methodology

7CES’ estimation is based on the hourly cost method. We comprehend and follow the scale of work for preparing our quotations and guesswork or assumption has no role in it.

Man-Month Cost

We follow the 8 hours a day and 5 days a week format to make estimation for a man-month to our clients.

When Extra Charges Are Incurred?

Whenever a customer wants any major design change(s) at a late stage or when the project is near completion, which might result in a fair amount of time consumption. Nonetheless, 7CES always engages in a discussion with the client before charging extra.

Payment Method

We accept wire transfers in the customers’ equivalent currency. You can also pay us via credit or debit cards.

Lowest Price In Market For Services

2D Cad Drafting

3D BIM Modeling

Steel Detailing

Thanks for your efforts on getting done this for us pretty fast, we are well ahead from others.
Great job done on this project. We appreciate the way you have quality of your assembly drawings. We are pleased to have you on this project.
United States
Your price is well fit to our budget. We are happy to find you as our outsourcing partner.
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