Top 3 Reasons Why Structural BIM Services is Profitable for Structure Engineers

In every construction project, the biggest investments for structural engineers are time and cost. Any structural engineers put their all efforts to make the structural design economic and strong as it affects overall project cost. It is very difficult to make such design in first attempt. Structural engineers repetitively perform structural analysis to get final design. This practice consume good amount of time and cost. While they already have invested time and cost to complete design, they must confirm that the structural design is architectural friendly. Any miscommunication with architectural design at later stage leads to loss of time and cost. To save these, Structural BIM Services can be the perfect option for any structural engineers. Let’s discuss top 3 reasons why,

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Various model created in BIM have a coordinates. They merge in to a single model which is used to study all different phases of the project such as designing, analyzing, implementing and documentation. This contributes to build better coordination between the structural design and the overall design of the project, thereby increasing consistency throughout the project.

This BIM model helps to present results of analyzed model and design which provides better visualization to different stakeholders. They can do modification or changes to their design and finalize documentations accordingly. This also allows structural engineers to redesign their model if required or needed based on others.

Key benefit to use structural BIM services is, it increase productivity. While you work with 3D BIM model, it helps to extend your visualization up to that limit, where you can feel what you are designing. This helps to speed up design and documentation tasks. The final result you get is, increase in productivity and faster completion of projects without compromising quality.

The 3D model enables structural engineers to study individual part of structure and allow taking appropriate action if needed. This helps to understand project in depth and aid them do research in design. This enables to explore alternatives in design which allow producing best outcome with the project.

While you enable to explore more options with structural BIM model, analysis of structural design becomes accurate and swift. This is the most important benefit that any structural engineer gain using structural BIM services. With respect to overall project, early detection of clashes, installation conflicts and extra parts allows modification at early stage can save making big loss. This will improve site planning and implementation efficiency considerably.

The BIM model serves easy way to share the results and store data at one place. This results easy communication between all parties involved in project. Most of the structural engineering firms have started adopting structural BIM services in their design practices as they see it more profitable. 7Continents Engineering Solutions provides helping hands to such structural engineering companies who are looking to make profits using different structural CAD & 3D BIM services. Explore more about our services or write us at