Why Structural Steel Detailing is helpful in Designing Buildings

Why Structural Steel Detailing is helpful in Designing Buildings

Structural Steel is a composition of Iron & Carbon which is primarily used in building frames of bridges & buildings. It is also used in the construction of construction equipment.

Structural Steel is the best steel when it comes to making safe and robust buildings capable of withstanding the elements they are exposed to.

Creating a detailed drawing for fabricators & constructors is called Structural Steel Detailing. In the AEC Industry, Structural Steel Detailing is the crucial method for structural engineering, one minor or tiny mistake can lead to huge time & financial loss.

Structural Steel Detailing is the major & mandatory process in all types of manufacturing & construction which involves the erection of residential & commercial buildings, educational institutions, factories, and shipbuilding. It includes plans, estimates, reports & important tasks.

Structural Steel Detailing process involves 2 main types of drawings:

1. Erection Drawings

It involves a detailed dimensioned plan & specify geographic arrangements of every steel component within the building (Overall structure).

These drawings include detailed, specified & definite information about the position of each element, installation requirements, and any other field work such as installation of bolts, wedge anchors, and welding spots.

2. Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings specify every minuscule detail of individual steel components such as beams, joists, trusses, columns, braces, etc. that are made of a steel fabricator.

Shop Drawings include Component Dimensions & Sizes, welding, bolting, material specifications, and every other information which is necessary for each component’s fabrication.

Benefits of Structural Steel Detailing:

Structural Steeling Details overcomes the challenges of traditional methods of using pencil, paper, and drawing pads, as it involves the creation of 3D drawings with the help of Structural Steel Detailing Software and it is time-saving & efficient. Let us walk you through the benefits of Structural Steel Detailing:

  • More Productivity & Fewer Errors

It helps you overcome traditional drawings mistakes & prevent human errors of inaccurate measurements and miscalculations of formulas by using Structural Steel Detailing Software.

  • Easy Access

It eliminates the use of diagrams by providing 2D & 3D models in Structural Steel Detailing Software which is very easy to access and simpler to understand. It can also be used for clients’ mock-ups

  • Integration with Virtual Reality

With the use of advanced technology, it is possible to get a realistic image of the finished product through Virtual Reality even before the project is completed. It helps in detecting any errors before the creation of the final project.

It helps in addressing errors related to any misalignment or selection of incorrect material which can be corrected before the commencement of the final project.

  • Cost-Efficient

Creating, editing, and organizing a 2D drawing consumes a lot of time and it also calls for the assignment of a team. By using Structural Steel Detailing Software, it will make the task time-saving and cost-efficient, and it requires fewer people for handling the projects.

  • Enhanced Virtual Presentation

Through the use of Virtual Reality, you can present a realistic image to the client of the finished product which can be further used to give the customers an enticing virtual view of the finished product which will attract customers to invest in the project before it is ready as they have an idea of how the final project will look. This will promote the project before it is ready & boost sales.


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